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I have been banking with Santa Cruz for 2 years, but I can say I am not very happy with them. I am always having problems with my debit card. I sent 2 emails to the account manager, however they never replied. I called maybe in excess of 8 times to be able to withdraw cash from ATM machines. At first they said I can only with draw 200 USD at one time. Then they changed it to 25 USD at one time, 4 times in 1 day. Now it is 100 USD 4 times a day. This at least is working. Has anyone ever experienced similar problems banking in DR.

My second question is, the company I work for want me to open a credit card to use for my expenses. What is the requirements to open a credit card. My company will top up the account with USD.

I have been a happy Scotiabank customer since 2006.

Their daily ATM limit is two separate transactions of 10,000 pesos each. I hold a US Dollar and Dominican Peso account with them and use their banking online facility to transfer funds between USD to Peso account and pay third parties. I avoid using the debit visa card mindful of historic reports of fraud, and even now with more secure embedded chip. I simply prefer to work with cash for my daily needs. I use an offshore credit card for airline and hotel bookings and such similar transactions.

My work is varied and not always in DR so I have yet to get credit card. An employers letter proving income was the Scotiabank requirement with a reserve sum held in account. I am sure a local credit check would be involved too.

Thanks for the Intel on Visa cards.  I have been coming here since 2014 and never had any problems.  Typically I go to one of the local bank branches in Luperon.  Usually to get 300 to 400 USD converted to pesos at about 50 to each $ 1 USD.   I know everyone at the bank including the guards.   I also don't have to wait in line. 

I rarely use my Visa for POS purchases.  I was in POP last week, and did use it at Jumbo.  Most small businesses in Luperon do not accept them.  Including the marinas.  Only the main market in downtown Luperon.

Stan most banks here are the same and customer service really sucks. 

I use Scotia, Banreservas and Banco Popular.   My withdrawal limit daily is 45,000 at Scotia and 40,000 at the other twoLenmox you can ask to have your limit raised.

I use debit / visa cards here at POS without issue so far and hoping it stays that way.  Those are all local cards not foreign.

Bigbob are you referring to getting cash off your foreign cards?

Stan it isn't easy to get a credit card here!  Maybe a prepaid card that your company can top up?

Thanks Planner. It is a pre-paid card I want. I don't want to use credit.

StanR :

Thanks Planner. It is a pre-paid card I want. I don't want to use credit.

BHD León has pre-paid credit cards,  I had bad experience with their customer service, also their feeds are hight.   You can compare between your bank and them to see wich one offers you best option on pre-paid card.

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