New restaurant in Santa Marta

Hi everbody.
i am thinking make restaurant for turkish cuisine in santa marta. would you recommend?
What kind of problem can be? and what you think about business conditions for turkish cuisine?

probably in the old part tourist area. Lots of back packers there who have more sophisticated tastes than your local costeñas.

The food part is the easy part if you can get a tourist client base. Local regulations and bylaws , finding a locaion  to rent and how much to pay,taxes and local staff ripping you off is a differnet issue.

Also lots of Arabs on the coast. Better make it a general Middle Eastern Restaurant

Do you know how can ı get informations about Local regulations, bylaws and taxes?  thank you for your offer about general middle eastern restaurant. ı am exactly thinking about that.

Can you offer a rental website in the old part tourist area?

Nope. I dont invest anything in Colombia. What little I have invested in the past has been lost because I was too trustworthy.

I suggest you go there a few months and talk to the people and start in a real smalll way.

Really small businesses ignore tax payments and DIAN inspectors dont bother them. Start small and build up. When you move into a bigger local, you will be able to afford a bigger place and come clean with DIAN (or they will give you a reminder)

For rentals you are talking about residence to stay? Check online for air BNB and the like.. Lots of cheap hotels in the interrum.As far as locals to rent for your restaurant, best go there and talk to people.

I assume you have conversational Spanish and have owned a restaurant in other countries before.

Also, make sure you have 100% control of the money until you find people you are sure you can trust. Lots of Costeñas are ladrones.

thank you for all your offer. you can be sure that ı will be carefull. unfortunately, ı dont know speak spanish. ı will decide when ı will go and see there like you told me. I am not sure where can ı invest for now

Ferhat should not 'invest' money that Ferhat cannot afford to lose.

If serious, Ferhat should be studying Spanish online.  There are two threads of Spanish learning at the Ecuador forum of this site, the Spanish Shortcuts thread and español for Gringos.


An Arabe Restaurant already exist in Rodadero. Its on the way Playa Salguero from downtown on Carrera 2. Maybe visit them first and have a meal, ask questions, see how much clientele is coming and going on a "dia de fiesta". Just a thought rather than discouragement

Are you in the area now? (I'm here, we can meet if you want).
Be very careful about opening ANY business in SM.
If you want  a good chance of success, I would recommend another city in colombia.
Of course, it can be possible in SM, but there are extra challenges & risks.
If you want more details we can speak personally. bye.

I write you in PM

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