Shipping Storage & Supplies?

I found this storage and shipping business in Saigon.

I didn’t find anything like it searching in Vung Tau. Anyone with feet on the ground know if there is any business like this in Vung Tau?

Thank you any info.

As far as I know there is nothing like that in VT.

I was wondering how long it would be before someone started one of these in Saigon.

The market is backpackers though, not expats. 400k to store one box per month, 900k for a backpack?

I would think that expats need some place that can receive shipments of boxes, or shipping containers, and move contents to a locker room. To store for a few months until they find accommodation, or for long term storage because they have too much stuff. In Binh Chanh, wife's family will rent a small house for $100, we'll only use one room.

Thank you for the information!

I did email Saigon storage on Friday expressing my interests as gobot described. The company is so new that it is morphing in real time. They haven’t as yet posted their prices for the 5X5 or 10X10 storage units. They said they will post prices for the storage units in February.

They are also offering Pick & Drop off, If they use a similar Western self storage model it could work well for the expat market. If they stick to price per box it would nix it for the expat group.

We are already in SE Asia so I inquired about mailing EMS with tracking number and asked if they could deposit parcels into an already rented storage unit. If they can do that with Pick Up & Drop off that would be an excellent service for expats.

I’ll post back about my email inquiry to them.

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The question was about Vung Tau, not Saigon.

What city is the storage facility in?

CJNordic :

What city is the storage facility in?

The name Saigon Storage may hold a clue.

Oops. Speed reading has its downside! Thanks.

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