WHP still pending

Hi !
I am a Moroccan citizen studying in France. I got accepted for an internship in Singapore a month ago and applied for the Work Holiday Pass on December 26th. But it has been now more than 4 weeks that my application is still pending, whereas MoM says that it usually takes 3 weeks. All the student from my school got their IPA letter within 3 weeks so I don't understand why it is taking so long for me.
I also renewed my passport during the processing time and have transmitted my new passport data to customer service, who told me that they would send the update to officers.
I have called MoM many times and customer service officers told me they would request to expedite the process. But both my passport update and application are still pending.
My internship is supposed to start next Monday (28th January) and I already have postponed it by a week because of the visa process (at first I was supposed to start on January 21st).
Of course I told this to MoM but I still don't get any update ....
Have you ever been in a similar situation ? Or do you know what I should do ?

The WHP is a rare type of visa, so we don't have much experience with it on this forum.
In general, each work visa application is processed an decided about on its own merits, so you cannot (and should not) judge yours by the duration others took.
For comparison: Other types of work passes, which according to MoM's website also take 3 weeks on average, in fact usually take 1 - 2 months at the moment (and in extreme cases much longer).
MoM is a law unto itself and there is nothing you can do to speed things up - calling them is a waste of time.

For your information, I applied April 6th for a WHP, I left France and arrived in Singapore w/o my WHP being valid (I was confident to get it soon :-) on May 12th and... eventually my WHP has been approved on May 19th, ie after 6 weeks. My impression is that it is longer than announced. I called several times, sent several mails and had a Zoom meeting with MOM. They are not directly in charge of WHP approval, they forward the requests to other agencies (other ministries I understand) and have to wait for their feedback. 
Not easy to know who can expedite the process, but it seems no one should rely on 3 weeks only.

Hope this helps.
Christine: Thanks for your post. We occasionally have questions on the forum about the WHP, but seldom find answers - partially because the application process is pretty opaque.
It would help, in this respect, if you could tell us which other government agencies are involved and how you contacted the officer at MoM, etc.
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