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Is there another way, other than the 3 ways listed on the website,of securing a Work permit in Mauritius? The 3 ways which i must say are very prohibitive are;
1. Investment; US$100 000
2. Professional; Company salary of over Rs65 000.00 per month
3. Self Employed; Account worth US$35 000.00
I happen to be a hotel Manager seeking employment but most hotels consider my skills as not scarce therefore opt for locals to fill up the positions!
I am already in Mauritius,  can someone please assist information


The 3 listed avenues you mentioned are part of a scheme that we call 'Occupation Permit', not work permit.

'Work Permit' is another scheme under the aegis of the MInistry of Labour that allows companies to bring in low-skilled workers for employment in manufacturing and semi-manufacturing sectors.
Therefore, you cannot be part of this as hotel management does not fall in this category.

You have no option but to look for a job under the 'Occupation Permit' as a Professional which has a minimum of 60,000 MUR monthly salary as conditions.
You just have to keep searching. The hospitality sector is big in Mauritius.

or you can switch from hotels to a management position in another services sector.

The work permit does not simply work for low-skilled. I have applied for Managing Director or other middle-management positions under this scheme. However, the salary should be lower than MUR60,000 per month. With regards to scarcity area, true that the post shouldn't fall under this.... there's a way to prove that.

Hie Winston
Thank you so much for your response loaded with helpful info and advice.

I will keep searching and consider Management positions in other service industries.
Be Blest


Dear Victor,

There was communique from Min of Tourism in 2015 (if my memory serves me right) where it mentioned that the authorities will employ more local people in hospitality unless the job falls under a list of shortage area. The hotels might be reluctant to give a try because they may feel that you will not be eligible for an occupation permit.

Thus, you may consider Winston suggestion of switching domains. I know of a lady whose occupation permit in the hospitality sector was not renewed. I helped her identify what were her transferable skills that she had which she could apply to other domains. Eventually, she managed to obtain a job offer in another sector in Mauritius and successfully applied for a new occupation permit. But in the end, she quit because she did not like what she was doing in the new sector.

Moral  of the story is that it is feasible. But will you be able to sustain working in a new industry?


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