Got my Bulgarian Driving License! :)

I finally passed the driving today. (After six months of paperwork hassles, lessons, and a test). If anyone else is from countries where you can't just exchange your license (ie-  the US ) feel free to ask me questions if you are thinking about getting a license here.


I have one question: did you receive your instructions in the Bulgarian language?

Just curious.

Yes, there only seemed to be one instructor in Gabrovo who spoke English, and he was abroad when I wanted to start my lessons.

I took the lessons and the theory in Bulgarian.

Also, the proctors who give the practical exam do not speak English (in Gabrovo) so it was helpful for me to prepare for that.

Ai that sounds pretty hard! :| Luckily you made it!

I haven't got my drivers license yet, but I now know to get my license in the Netherlands. :)

Can't I just keep using my Canadian licence?

For non-eu countries, you can use your license up to one year with an internationals drivers permit (or translation). However, once you have been a resident of Bulgaria for a year, you are supposed to switch to a Bulgarian license.

A lot of people do not bother doing this--and most don't have problems--but technically they are driving illegally.

(Again, this is for non-eu countries. EU laws are different).

EU laws

I just saw this post as I continue to gather vital information. I am from the US. How is getting the BG drivers license done?

1. You must have lived in Bulgaria for 6 months (I believe) and have a residence permit
2. You need a high school diploma, notorized, apostilled by your state, and then translated into Bulgarian and legalized.
3. Take that diploma to your local board of education (in Bulgaria), pay a small fee and wait 1-2 weeks for them to issue you a Bulgarian certificate of completion.
4. Take your Bulgarian ID and certificate of completion to a driving instructor of your choosing. In theory, you don't actually have to take the lessons (there is one law that says you only have to pass the tests, not take lessons, but I had understood differently, that the lessons were required. So.... unsure)
5. If taking the lessons, they cost around 600bgn and are 31 hours of driving, 4 hours of classroom.
6. Complete the theoretical exam. Here are practice exams:  Can be done in either Bulgarian or English, but the English is difficult to understand (bad translations and british english)
7. Complete the driving exam. 20 minutes, videotaped.
8. After a few days, go to the local DMV and exchange your license. You will need to fill out a form in Bulgarian. Bring your passport, local ID, and certificate of completion of high school.
9. They will run a check throughout europe on your license to make sure you have no driving penalties. This takes 2 weeks to a month.
10. When this comes back, they begin processing your license. So, if you pay for the three day processing, it will be 2-4 weeks plus 3 days, if you pay for the month, it is 2-4 weeks plus a month.
11. Go in with your passport and local id to pick up your license.

Thanks for the detailed instructions. I will probably reply again. And congratulations on your success.

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