You are invited to our first official event on 7th of Feb. - Taksim

Hello everyone,

I am quite happy to announce our first official gathering!

We invite you to join us at Symbol Fal Cafe in Istanbul on Thursday 7th of February 2019, from 6pm to 9pm.

Come and meet other fellow expats at Symbol Fal Cafe in a friendly atmosphere to relax after a hard day of work. The friendly and welcoming bar Symbol Fal Cafe will serve delicious drinks and platters to share.

Mark your calendar: Thursday 7th February at Symbol Fal Cafe Istanbul!

Details: … anbul.html

Thank you so much for your open intimation to the first official gathering, I hope to be their in Istanbule by then , I am at present sercing for reasonable priced accommodation for long term rental between 6 months - to 12 months ,And to honest I am lost where to look specially I am retired non job seeker old man
I am very interested and looking forward to attaned the  first official gathering!


This would be a great opportunity for our beloved members to mingle with other expats and a part of the community in Istanbul.

Hope you can make it.

Sorry a bit too far.Have a great night
Best Wishes Julie

Julie blackshaw :

Sorry a bit too far.Have a great night
Best Wishes Julie

Will do the next one in Anatolian side. Thanks for your reply :cheers:

I drove an hour and a half especially to attend  the expat dinner at 8:30 PM, to my surprise there wasn’t any person preset there from Istanbul Expat community. May I ask the organisers ?

Hello Zill

I wish you have contacted me through the number provided. Out of 15 people who actually confirm their participation didn't bother to inform us about changing their program. Even though we didn't get one, as a courtesy we waited for people to show up from 17.30 till 20.00 but no one attended as promised.

Personally I believe, individuals living in a foreign country should be more sensitive to very few people that actually care about them, who spend their time to make an organisation in order to help them connecr with locals as well as other expats.

Best regards...


Will that event take place tomorrow?

:huh: only if you invented time machine..

I thought it is tomorrow LOl. it was a year go :( Regards..

I could not really notice..

never mind, it happens to me too and many others sometimes..  :cheers:

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