Employer not paying salary after I've resigned


I'm trying to leave Oman in amicable way after 3 months of job with a company, and I have resigned since 2 weeks while 2 more weeks to go and I'm requesting my employer to settle my dues and provide me and my family the ticket to return back home, so I can close my bank account and request for visa cancellation but they are only giving false hopes....My family is on 3 month visit visa and one month extension which is due to expire in 2.5 weeks...

Can anyone please tell me the feasible options I've to get my dues and leave as I need to join another company in UAE soonest.

many thanks in Advance.

Hi gill786,

If you have only spent 3-months with the company, I am not clear as to what the "dues" are that you are expecting.

It seems as though your employer is not too inclined to accede to your request. Please understand that you cannot fight these battles as an individual against your company.

Since your case seems headed for a dispute, it is better for you to discuss your concerns with the Indian Embassy and request their intervention for an amicable settlement.

Hi Sumitran,

They are not settling the notice period salary alongwith some site bonus & just pushing me to leave...

Do we have any option to complain at MOM at all...?


Hi gill786,

The Indian Embassy and the Ministry of Manpower are there to help aggrieved employees like you.

Please approach them with your complaints and they will guide you appropriately and as needed.

Resiter Ur compliant on online you WL get but it WL take time one or two month

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