Family reunion visa from Singapore (Proof of health insurance)

Hello there,

Firstly, please excuse me for the long post.

I am an Indian national working in Germany. I am a holder of EU Blue card residence permit. My husband, who is also an Indian national, is working in Singapore. (We both got married in India).

He will be moving to Germany to live with me, hence he is applying for Family reunion visa for spouse in the German Embassy of Singapore.  His visa interview is on February 5th.

On the website of German embassy of Singapore, certain documents are listed down which should be submitted during his visa interview. I have some doubts regarding that.

1.  Proof of health insurance
Below is a statement from the website (Documents to be presented while attending the VISA interview)

"Proof of health insurance(valid travel health insurance up to the date of marriage if joining the German
Statutory / national/ private or family health insurance would not be possible until that date) "

- I am insured in Germany with TK and my insurance provider gave me a confirmation letter that my husband (who will be my dependent) will be given family insurance membership once they receive his actual date of arrival.

Also, in the Section 13 of the national visa application form, it is asked if there is a health insurance available for Germany. Obviously, at the time of applying, he won't have any health insurance for Germany.

Could anyone suggest what proof can we provide for health insurance at the time of attending the VISA interview and in the visa application form.

Does he need to take a health insurance in Singapore which covers Germany also? or can he just select the option "Yes" since he will be given health insurance once he arrives Germany.

Note: He can provide travel health insurance once he submits his passport to get the VISA stamping. And I am aware, it will take at least 2 months for him to be called to submit his passport for VISA (if everything goes well). So, we will know his approximate date of traveling and we can provide travel health insurance. But, I am assuming, travel health insurance and the proof of insurance asked in the application form and for the VISA interview are different. If I am right, please suggest what should we do in this case.

2. A1 German language certificate

On the website, it is mentioned "Evidence of the basic command of German" as one of the documents to be submitted. I am aware that the spouses of EU blue card residence permit holder doesn't need to produce this. But, on the website, there is no information related to this. Whereas, in the German embassy websites of other countries (E.g., Chennai, India), it is clearly mentioned that if the spouse of the applicant is an EU blue card residence permit holder, he/she need not produce A1 German certification.

Could anyone suggest what can we do in this case since his visa interview is in the German embassy of Singapore only. Does anyone has similar experience?

Additional details:
My husband doesn't have an A1 certificate and he is having a Masters degree in engineering. He is working as a Research Associate in an University in Singapore.

3. Other documents

On the website, apart from the documents of my husband, our marriage certificate (with apostille), proof of health insurance, proof of accommodation, a copy of my passport, other documents such as copies of my EU blue card residence permit/Visa, my work contract etc., are not asked. I am surprised since at least details about my German VISA should be asked for processing my husband's spouse visa.

Please share your experience if you have similar experiences. It will be of a great help to solve our confusion.

Thank you.

1. The letter from TK should be enough to show that he will have health insurance once he arrives in Germany.
2. German language skills are only required to join German spouses. This does not apply to you.
3. Your blue card is your visa for Germany, so that should be sufficient. If not, they will ask you to submit further documents.
Be prepared for a looong processing time (3-6 months, depending on how busy your local Ausländeramt is).

Hello @beppi,

Thank you for your reply.  Then I guess the letter from TK is enough now.  I hope everything goes well.

Kind regards.

This is an update.

My husband finished his visa interview on Feb 7th. Yes, it was scheduled for Feb 5th. But when he went to the German embassy, he was sent back telling the embassy was closed because of government holiday (Chinese new year). 

We booked the slot last year December and during that time, slots were open for Feb 5th and 6th. Wherein, when we checked the website for embassy's holiday list after being sent back,  Feb 5th and 6th are listed as holidays. They could have updated or at least they could have sent an update via email.  Many candidates were sent back on that day. 

So, My husband went on Feb 7th to ask about this. But,  he was given appointment immediately and he finished his visa interview. 

Here are the documents he was asked to submit (other than his documents)

1. A copy of my passport
2. A copy of my EU blue card residence permit
3. A copy of my work permit (the green paper)
4. A copy of my house contract in Germany
5. A copy of the confirmation letter from my German health insurance provider
6. A copy of our marriage certificate (with apostille from Indian ministry)
7. A copy of my work contract

The visa officer told that he need not submit A1 language certificate because of my blue card residence permit. 

( In the confirmation letter from my health insurance provider it is mentioned that my husband (along his name and date of birth) will be given health insurance as part of family health insurance once he arrives Germany and get registered in the Rathaus (local city town hall).)

And now we have to wait for the long visa processing time. I will keep the thread updated.

Sejan: Thanks for your update - and good luck!

Thanks for your response. Many people pose questions here but then one never hears from them again. Nice when people share their actual experiences.

I would suggest that you both enroll in German classes despite not having needed it for the visa. Yes, one can survive with English but getting along in German will be the key to happiness in both private and professional life. Otherwise one is always at a disadvantage and misses out on so much. Many foreigners tend to feel isolated and lonely if they fail to learn the language. There are many language schools and the community college known as Volkshochschule in every mid to large sized German city and evening courses for working people should be available.

Thank you.  Sure, I will update. :)

Thank you for the suggestion. You are right,  both of us have to learn German for the pleasant living experience in Germany.

Even though the current job task of mine doesn't require German language skills, certain other day to day factors such as searching for a house,  signing contracts with electricity, internet and many other things required me to speak in German. I finished those with the help of a German speaking friend. But,  I realized I can't keep relying on others since it became frustrating when I couldn't even make a call to my internet provider to file a complaint. (I ended up without internet for 2 weeks until I asked my friend to help :-| )

I tried registering in the Volksschule but it is full.  So, I have started to learn German by myself since I have basic knowledge.

Also,  learning a new language is a good thing only. :)

Oh yeah,  I forgot one more thing.

The visa officer who was interviewing my husband asked him to mail him my visa reference number. He said he needs that to link it with my husband's visa. 

The visa reference number is the one which is given in the acknowledgement receipt when you submit your passport for visa stamping at your home country. (I think so 🤔)

Unfortunately, I don't have it now.  I applied for work visa from India before two years without having any future plans of staying long time in Germany. Later, I extended if to blue card permit with my new job contract in Germany itself.  So I don't have the reference number for that also. So, my husband mailed the officer he doesn't have it and we are waiting for his reply.  We don't know what kind of issue it will bring. 

So,  anyone who is reading this post, please save your visa reference number whether you intend to stay longer or not, whether you are married or not,  just keep it,  it maybe useful anytime. Lessons learnt :|

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