New Zealand student visa processing time

Nope, still waiting.

No update for me also,

@Damanjeetmann … ew-Zealand

Still awaiting update.....

Hi Guys, Any update ??

Yesterday one person has secured his VISA Approval in 10 Days ..

I don't know how they INZ is giving priority to Applications ???

My agent said that my file was shifted and checking by second person and it is in final stage now...I don't know what that means and why will it shift again from case officer.

Did you guys been asked for repeat X Ray?

We are still waiting for AIP...Yes for everyone they are asking chest X-ray again

Me too waiting for interview no update,
Is it matter How we apploed ,through paper submission or online

Hi Guys, Plz check the below link :- … sa-process

I have applied through Paper Submission on 17th January 2019 & till date Case Officer is not allocated. Still there is no timeline... … union-says

@nikhil  same here

I will see this month ,otherwise apply for other country

@Damanjeet, Can we do that? I mean our visa application still in process so if I apply for the other country for visa then isn't it complicated? And do we have to mention about the New Zealand visa in our SOP? Please help me on this.

@ barshabhatt
No problem for getting offer ,
Next week i am going to apply for offer letter it takes upto 20 days,
If i missed my july session for NZ as i already missed feb, then i will apply for canada september session
And we have to mention this time period we lost in nz processing in our SOP , caz nobody wants to lost his/her year of life

Okay.. Thank you. 😊

Hey @nikhilverma do know what college or university he applied to?

@saikiran96 what college or uni did he apply for?

@Rochelle about whom u r asking?

@saikiran your freind who got his AIP

Many got AIP...Like  weltec, ARA

Anyone applied to EIT Napier for July intake?

@vrajagopal I applied for EIT Auckland for the March intake. Applied on 27th Feb. When did you apply?

@Nipunika,  My Visa application was submitted on 12th April 19 for the 22nd July intake. It's PG Diploma in IT.
What's your application status now?

I made a general query and asked the status. They replied as "your application is currently in a queue waiting for an immigration officer to be assigned".

So your classes have already been started right?  Is it possible to change the intake? It seems there is a huge delay in all the applications due to different reasons.

Yeah, EIT informed that they can change the intake. But still I'm not sure to which intake that I will be able to go.

@Nipunika,  which course did you apply in EIT Auckland?

It's PG Diploma in Applied Management

Have you got any update from INz

Any one else?

They said my file is with branch manager for review

It seems like Immigration NZ is sleeping on files.

Very Disappointing... … xPDFY_h2Mg

Any update?

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