New Zealand student visa processing time

I mailed them 10days back and they only say they are facing alot of applications and will say to wait...One of my friend got call on Saturday...She applied on 13th dec and her intake is was feb and next intake is April...

That means they are working on Saturdays also. Since we missed our March intake INZ is concentrating on April, May and June intake application. My next intake would be in July 2019 and I hope they shouldnt hold my application.

This is the reply I got from INZ.

Your Student Visa application is still in process with your Immigration Officer at Mumbai branch. You will be contacted if further information is required or once your visa application is finalised. these timeframes are estimates only and the actual processing timeframe for an application may vary significantly on a case by case basis.

I think we have to wait and wait.

Anyone got call from INZ? I am thinking to connect with the institute and ask them to defer my intake and get the next intake letter.

No response yet!! The institute will only defer the intake after your AIP, so we should get our AIP first!!

Thanks for sharing the vital information with us JoRoAn03. We have to keep patience since this intake we had missed. Can anybody please share the ranking list of NZ universities & colleges with me?
Please keep updating dear friends.
Our Destiny is playing a very crucial role in our lives. … kings/2019


I got the below response from INZ

"Kindly note that you may upload an urgent letter for processing to your online application in order for the processing branch to consider your request.

Currently, your application is in a queue waiting for a Case Officer to be allocated for visa assessment.

and I asked "Since my intake is already started can I still upload the urgent letter?"

and again they responded " You may still upload a letter as long as the application is still in process.
To upload additional documents to the online application please follow these steps.
1.   Log into your account through
2.   Click on ‘Submitted’ and select your submitted application
3.   Click ‘Upload additional document’ and select document type from the list of document types.
4.   Click on ‘Browse’ to select the document for upload and ‘Submit’.
I hope this has been helpful."

I am not sure weather to upload the urgent letter as the intake is overdue. I will check with my immigration adviser.

Does anyone have any updates?

Not update yet!!! My agents are taking mock interviews again and said you may get call at any time, since it been a long time we can expect a call in this two weeks.

Hello vijay!! Did you submitted urgent letter for immigration?? What did your agents suggested??  And anyone got any update ??

No, I haven; upload the urgent letter. My immigration adviser is not responding to my emails. I will connect with them today and share an update with you.

@Saikiran96:: Earlier you said that you were assigned case officer so did you checked with him about your status?
@Vijay44 :: If any case officer is assigned to you then confirm with him directly.

Hi kashwini, my file didn't allocated to case officer yet!! I thought so. I am still waiting for my file assignment to case officer.

Did you got any update from your agents or INZ?

My immigration adviser has uploaded the urgent letter and I got a call from Case Officer yesterday itself and she asked me to upload couple of more documents and that I did today.

Does anyone have any updates?

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Hey vijay.  What did they asked to upload?? What questions did they asked during interview...Got AIP?

No, I didnt get any AIP. They asked me to upload my old passport and they asked about my past travel history. They asked me all the passport pages.

Any one have any updates?

No updates yet!!  You will get call first bcos your file has assigned to case officer!!

Hey Vijay, Great news for you. Is your interview over? Will you be able to go for this intake? From my side still in the queue....

Hey Ashwini, I dont think my interview is done yet because they just asked about my past travel history. I spoke with my Immigration Adviser and she says that they might not call back and give a decision is a week or 10 days. Hope for the best.

Hi vijay, let us know once you get your decision.


Hyyy guys is that case which happened on yesterday will be a problem for migrants?? Cause am also applied for ChristChurch NZ

That's not a problem... It was done by Australian citizen and he doesn't targeted immigrants but just a community...So it's safe for international students and more over they may bring strict rules but they don't loose genuine students intend to come for education.

It might be a problem for more delaying guys just refer this link which i have attached … e-incident

No, how could that be a problem..That incident was happened recently and we are waiting from long time...And I think there will be different case officers for different type of visas...So that doesn't make difference. It's my opinion.

yeahh but they have clearly mentioned that they are giving 1st priority to killed and injured people families.. so it means there will be a another rush added but not exactly sure will see

I wrote email to INZ and they responded saying "Thank you for contacting us.
A decision has been made on your application and it is still currently in process with your Immigration officer XXXXXXX and is not yet completed.
Your case officer will be in touch with you once this has been finalized."

Great, since a decision has been made by INZ it takes no more time, you will get final response shortly.

Not sure how much time they will take it. Its been 3-4 days.

Let's hope the best.

Does anyone have any updates?

I mailed to INZ again and they replied my application is still in queue for allocation to case officer.... I don't know when my file will be allocated. Super frustrating

You can ask them as per INZ site it is taking more than usual and what is the ETA.

No use by asking them, they have already mentioned it is taking more time then usual. So it will continue until end of March...We can expect outcome in 1st or 2nd week of April.

Any one got  updates??

I am also waiting for updates.

same here...waiting for updates :/

I have emailed my case officer to know the status of the application. Waiting for her response.

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