New Zealand student visa processing time


I have applied for student visa new Zealand on 24th dec 2018, and I didn't got any interview call till now, what are the time frames and how much time will it take to get interview call from them??

There is no set time frame. It depends on how long it takes to check and verify the documentation you supplied when applying.

Hi Saikiran, did you get any update ? My student visa lodged on 31 December 2018, still didn't get any update from INZ.

Hey joy!!! I didn't got any response from INZ, my friend got interview call yesterday, he applied on 1st dec 2018. I think it may take time due to high number of applications. Between which college and course did you applied for and what's the course start date??


I too applied for student visa new Zealand on 21st dec 2018, and Nt yet received any update from INZ.

Any progress for you guys?

Still I got no response from INZ...When is your course start date and which college did you applied for??

Still I got no response from INZ...When is your course start date and which college did you applied for??

My course starts on 20 March and college is EIT
What is your start date?

My course starts on March 4th...

Hii All, Did u get any response from INZ?? have u all got visa ??? i have applied on 3rd of Jan and still didnt get any response from them my intake starts on 20th FEB 2019

Not yet!! Still waiting for the interview call, did you called for immigration office to ask about your application status?

I’m also waiting for update from INZ.

No i didnt call INZ and waiting for their interview call...... i have applied through immigration adviser and they want me to wait patiently until call comes. they are not even mail or did any call to INZ either... i donno what to do with this  :/  :nothappy:

@JoRoAn03 from Sri lanka???? when did u apply?

Yes I’m from SL. I applied online on 21st December. I called them and they asked to upload a cover letter. But still no update.

I need to give one month notice to my employer.

Hello ladies, everyone is facing the same issue, this delay is due to high number of applications and we have no choice but to wait until we a call. It's taking minimum 50 working days

same thing related to me as well... we have to give 30days prior leave notice to employers.. however when u get the interview call just let us know  :) wishing you guys all the very best for ur NZ visa  :top:

Hi, I hope you will get the cal before us, since your studies starts before our’s.
All the best. If any update pls share here.

It's better intimate to the college about the situation and extend your enrollment date.

Hi, did anyone got any update regarding visa??


Still nooo  :nothappy:

Same here ...I think I have to go for next intake if it get's too late.

One of my friend got interview call today..He applied on jan 7th...But I didn't...I applied on 23rd dec

Is it., May be we will get a update Soon..,

Hi Guys,

I am new on this forum...and even am waiting for my NZ Student Visa. But looking at the status of the Interview calls am getting goosebumps.

Hi kashwini, when did you applied for visa?? And when is your course start date??

Hello guys...Did anyone of you know when did your file allocated to case officer??

Hi., I applied on my own., yet I haven’t  got any case officer assigned. How about you?

My agent said my file was allocated on 1st week of feb...You better call to embassy and know about your application status.

I applied a month ago and my course start date is same as yours.

Do you have the NZ embassy contact details? Please share with me. Which course you had applied for and from which college / university you are planning for studies?

I don't have any contacts of embassy...But u can find it on embassy site...I have applied for graduate diploma in IT from weltec collage in Wellington. And what about you??

I too have applied in WelTec for Masters of Information Technology.

Oh that's great...Hope we get visa in time for this intake... Contact your agent and ask whether your application allocated to case officer or not.

Sure ..will do that!! Did your friend got the visa who got the interview call?

I too applied for grad dip IT at weltec but havent heard back yet. I applied on December 24

Hey doom...Did you applied through licensed immigration advisors?

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