How to become a Reiki / Massage practitioner, or a consultant...(?)


I live in Prague and i know Reiki & massage, so my plan was to declare myself as an independent practitioner...unfortunately, i am told the State needs to put a stamp on a piece of paper saying i know how to do Reiki, something they are obviously not in a position to verify. ;-)
I have a Mexican certificate delivered by my teacher, something i could easily make myself, of course. Then i have to pay to get this useless piece of paper translated and then some person who has no clue what any of this means will decide if i can do it here in CZ or not.

So, my question is : does anyone know anything about how i can get a CZ certification for Reiki and/or massage, please?

Also, i am also thinking about becoming a coach/consultant, so if that turns out to be easier then i will just do that instead, i am not fond of these absurd bureaucratic barriers.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! :-)
Thank you!

All the best,

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