Keeping fit in Dominican Republic

I concur wholeheartedly.

Regarding high fibre and whole grain rice offered by Planner.  I just saw this on a health blog I am on and wanted to share.

People who eat lots of high-fiber and whole-grain foods have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic diseases than people whose diets are low in fiber, a study commissioned by the World Health Organization says.

For every 8-gram increase in fiber eaten a day, total deaths and incidences of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and bowel cancer fell by 5 to 27 percent, the study reported. Protection against stroke and breast cancer also rose. The analysis recommended a daily target of 25 to 29 grams of dietary supplements.

Bigbob if you are buying in grocery stores it's probably fine.  Refiltered is bought by street vendors, some restaurants etc.  Not rebottled and sold retail honey.

After reading this you may want to stop drinking sugary drinks.  Strangely 6, it highlights Coca Cola.

Note.  When I was young, I heard in the late 1800s and early 1900s they use to poor Coca Cola over car engines to eat away the grease and gunk.

Sugary Sodas Promote Diabetes

By Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen, MDs

Coca-Cola's first recipe (1892) included sugar, caffeine, and water. And yes, it was also rumored to include leaves of the coca plant and/or processed cocaine.

The concoction was marketed as “the ideal brain tonic” that “relieves physical and mental exhaustion.”

Special: Hair Doctor Urges All to Try This Method for Thinning Hair

Legend has it that in the early 1900s the coca was removed from the popular drink. (That's when it became known as a “soft” drink.)

But we now know that today's Coca-Cola and other sugary soft drinks — even without the coca leaves — aren't an ideal tonic in any way.

One study found that drinking one or more sugary sodas a day increases your risk for Type 2 diabetes by 26 percent. There's also research showing that sugary beverages are associated with harm to various organ systems.

A study in the journal Circulation looked at 40,000 men for 20 years and found that guys who averaged one daily can of any sugary beverage had a 20 percent higher risk of having a heart attack than guys who rarely drank them.

A recent study in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology looked at 3,000 African-American adults over an eight-year period. Roughly 6 percent of them developed kidney disease, and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages significantly increased their risk.


Another related study found an association between sugary beverages and elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. That condition is linked to gout.

Clearly, you reap what you soda.

Instead, make your own soft drinks by mixing still or seltzer water with lemon, orange, or pineapple juice or berries. Add mulled mint for some natural zing.



Read my posts on fried foods.  No need for oil on your chicken, Drain it. Like the hose on the roof, it works.

It is a fact that here in DR, there is a clear preference for over sugary drinks. Forgetting the soft drinks and the super sweet Red Bull type mixers, and you then get the fruit drinks with far too much sugar. Go to the typical colmado and ask for fresh orange and I bet they give you the sugar concentrated natural Rica orange when sugar free is readily available and good. Ask for chinola juice and it is laced with sugar. Even Dominican ice cream is so sugary it has no flavour. Ask for a coffee and get sugar with coffee. No wonder there is 13% of the population with diabetes when they drink this and eat double the needed rice intake daily now they live in the cities.

As for fried chicken. Why eat it, when baked local lean chicken and roast chicken is available everywhere. I forgot!  Pica pollo and now KFC. These are not Dominican in origin. At least we don't get the fat ridden frozen chicken pieces here that the other nearby islands import. Dominican chicken is lean even if intensely farm reared and rarely do you find the yellow bits of fat hanging all over it from a hormone supported life.

Bigbob. DR offers an opportunity to break from commercialized living. There is a better diet out there and you will find it in DR but avoid the imported advertised stuff. is an interesting guide to some of the foods here. … -dominican

Rant over, but I sincerely believe DR is quite unique in the western hemisphere for the healthy and eco conscious amongst us if you go search it out. In doing that remember some 2 million Dominicans reside in North America and through this we are already being conditioned here to an alternative poorer diet and different living style (10 million live in DR).

Part of the issue here is genetic - Dominicans are at higher than average risk for diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.  Poverty only adds to the issues. It is more expensive to eat healthy. That is a fact. Preparing healthy foods requires some education and it requires more money to use healthier alternatives.  The most at risk are the older populations.

We can debate the healthy vs unhealthy  forever.  That isn't the real purpose of the thread.

Keeping fit in the Dominican Republic IS the subject of the thread.  And I believe most have contributed in good spirit.

Even though I have spent over 40 years of my adult life in the F & B industry, I have learned from others on this subject matter on this thread. There are unique situations in the Dominican Republic, just as there were when I was in China, that relate to the subject of the thread. 

It has been one of the most helpful and informative threads on this site, and affects everyone.  Nothing is more important than our health.  And eating healthy, in the Dominican Republic is at the top of my list.

My kudos to its author.  And especially those who took the time, with their contributions.

Agreed.  I just dont  want to get into debates over specifics honey. Its a great thread with lots of good info.

👌.  However, debates are healthy if kept in check.  If anyone says something that is questionable and therefore debatable, and I think you will agree, there have been many where those who have questioned the author, it usually results in a better explanation and result.

As long as they don't result in a urinating contest.

We are not debating who thinks what is better than the other.  This is not the place.  State what you believe in terms of the intent of the thread!  Simple.

How’s this??

If you use your head, eating healthy here is easy

Last night, while vegging on the couch, in sub zero weather, we decided it is easier to be healthier there than in Indiana. We exercise more, walk alot, eat less, make more conscious decisions. I think the climate plays a big part. Choices are what make a healthy lifestyle work. Ya can't blame the food. It doesn't jump in your mouth itself.

I cut the white rice intake of the Dominican in our family almost 2 years ago. He was getting mucho gordo! Empty calories. But, it is cultural. He grew up on it with every meal. He still loves it- especially his Mom's.  I still cook it some when we are in DR, but I give most of it to the security guards in our neighborhood. They love my cooking! 😊

I so understand this. Once made turkey dinner for a group. A good friend ate dinner and then said..... but where is the rice?????

Another fellow I dated for  3 years told me -  if you love me you will learn to make rice!!!

HEHEHEHEHEHE.  Well I guess you never learned to make rice or he would not be someone you dated and now be your other half.

Note.  I never imagined rice could be a love tool.  Funny, yet weird too.

Is that why rice is thrown at weddings in USA?  Hmmmm.  I wonder if whole grain makes a difference Planner.

Actually, now they throw bird food.  True.  Because rice endangered some birds who ate it.

Bird food for the love birds!

Actually I did learn to make rice.  I did.... and he ate it......

For his birthday, one year, I baked a cake!  Well,  I sure proved my love that day.  no one had ever baked him a cake. He ate the whole damn thing.....

And the reason he is not my other half...... he had a baby with a Dominican while we were together....  Big Big No No. 

And yes whole grain makes a difference honey.

AND BigBog go to this thread and tell us about Luperon..... … 50#4477016

Dear Plan her.

Well.  Several things come to mind.  1.  He was very hungry and really didn't like your rice or cake.  Or 2,  his Dominican honey was cooking better tasting things, not in the kitchen.  Smile.

Thanks again for your help darlin.

BIG (6'4") Bob



It's a cultural thing.... the women

I have a story -
A man had 2 chicas - took on a 3rd
The 2 interviewed the 3rd and nixed her.... didn't like her

True story

Read fast - this will be erased soon

Planner... it wasn't you... it's the way they live
After all these years - .... you're still learning honey

Always always always learning!!!!  That is the way I like it too....

I have some similar stories. My first year here I was up  for consideration (apparently) as number 7!

Number 7!

You kidding me,  I said I am no ones number 7!!!! 

Now I laugh my butt off when I think about it......

He told your place in line !!!????

that's great..... lucky 7.....

They all have children with different women.....
as you well know

and that would be 7 in the serious lineup.... not counting 'flings'

Ahhh.  The REAL Dominican male antics.  In China, men only have 1 or 2 gisha girls on the side.  Why would any women even consider being #2?  Much less lucky 7.

And how many men can please all these women?  No wonder they take so many siesta's.

Its all about money and being taken care of. 

Disclaimer: not all Latino / Dominican men are like this!  And not all Dominican women are looking to be taken care of.

Because of a Dominican woman having his child,  what if she had beena German?  A shame that using birth control is considered un-manly & the woman as less than femine or some such drivel.

Not sure what you are referring to Tinker.  We broke up because he had sex with another woman while in a relationship with me.  I don't care if she is german,  dominican or alien!!! That is never ever ever gonna fly with me.


You are right sweetheart.   What difference does her nationality have to do with it?  Tinker was being very insensitive.

Thanks Bigbob.  I don't think that was intended though.

It sure wasn't intended that way. I thought that mentioning the ethhniticy  provided a cultural target for an off the wall barb. I know you , I know that cheating with an antelope would end the relationship also.  If my propensity to play with laguage disturbs folks, I would say, take a good look at antelopes. Kudus are kind of cute too.  Ta-Ta or tootle ooo.  A person without a senseof humor is probably a liberal socialist.  If you don't get thesecomments, you did not grow up in a house with a Britannica...............

Planner was correct.  Your comment was flammatory.  No one was laughing.  Only you.  There is nothing remotely funny about what you said.  You owe Planner and everyone else on this thread, an apology.  Not a poor excuse and attempt to justify your actions

Sometimes it is best to keep your humor to yourself.  And what you did, was one of those Sometimes.

If you still have that Britannica, look up the words respect and insult.  Or were you a family that didn't own one?

Planner, no intent to offend you, I'm sorry & certainly do not want to create a Colonel type of dialogue with anyone.   You & I both know that the Britannica is an encyclopedia, not a dictionary.

Not that I want to get involved....but....

I saw no offense in the remark.... in fact, I had/have trouble seeing how it was fitting into the conversation.
Sometimes, attempted humor/humour flops - plain & simple

We all must have experienced that at some time !!

We all see different things while looking at the same text.

And that is the weakness of all this typing type communication...

too many things get misconstrued IMO

Loss of voice inflections etc


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