Keeping fit in Costa Rica

Hello everyone,

Keeping fit during your time in Costa Rica is of utmost importance. How about sharing with us and your fellow expats how you keep healthy in your host country?

What are your daily health hacks in Costa Rica?

Do you exercise regularly? What is your go-to sport?

Do you manage to keep your diet healthy and balanced? How easy is it to maintain a balanced diet in Costa Rica? Are you able to find organic products easily?

Are there national or local incentives to foster a healthy lifestyle: sensitisation campaigns, sports infrastructure etc. ?

How much of your monthly budget is dedicated to keeping fit?

Please share your experience,


Hola Todos, when I first came to Costa Rica I noticed how wholesome the food was.The first thing I did was shed 20lbs by switching to that wholesome program.Here in my pueblo there are no McDonalds,Taco Bells or KFC's.What there is,is plenty of fresh fish,veggies,and all types of delicious tropical fruits.In my yard we have coconut trees,lemon,and orange trees,papaya,mango,and cashew trees.Before I moved here I ate typical gringo food,high in salt,sugar,and conveinient. Beer,dairy stuff,soy,and pizza were some of my favorites.I have cut out all that stuff in order to stay in shape.I am retired so I have plenty of time to follow my passion,which is surfing.We live beachfront ,so the ocean is our life.If I don't surf that day I go for a beach walk.My usual route is from my house past Playa Conchal,and on to Puerto Viejo (guanacaste) and back.It's a 4.25 mile round trip.Today I did both.I walked the morning low tide,and surfed the afternoon high tide at Playa Grande.At 62 years old I feel very strong,and have great stamina.My BP is 114/74 and a pulse of between 50 and 80 depending what time of day it is.I used to take BP meds  (losartan 50mg) but don't need them anymore.This has been my program for the last 18 years in Costa Rica,it worked for me,and I think keeping active will help you too. Use sunscreen,sunglasses,and wear a hat while in the sun.Drink plenty of filtered water,and green tea. Pura Vida. .

I'm so envious of your lifestyle! I'm a surfer too, 55 y.o. and my dream would be to retire in Costa Rica and live as you do.

Very cool post. I am five years out from the move down. I come to dominical every year for ten days to plan and confirm what I will need and be able to get.
Doing a container house with view.

Gracias,pura vida..

Playa Dominical is awesome,been there many times.Milo57, good luck with your move,,tuanis...


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