Keeping fit in Brazil

Hello everyone,

Keeping fit during your time in Brazil is of utmost importance. How about sharing with us and your fellow expats how you keep healthy in your host country?

What are your daily health hacks in Brazil?

Do you exercise regularly? What is your go-to sport?

Do you manage to keep your diet healthy and balanced? How easy is it to maintain a balanced diet in Brazil? Are you able to find organic products easily?

Are there national or local incentives to foster a healthy lifestyle: sensitisation campaigns, sports infrastructure etc. ?

How much of your monthly budget is dedicated to keeping fit?

Please share your experience,


Swim and 350 ml curls.

Keeping fit is not very hard in a place that's so sunny and warm all the time. 
We live in Centro and by choice, do not have a car.  We can walk to almost everywhere we want to go, and have Uber when we can't.  That alone means walking 5 or 6 miles a day.
We belong to a well-equipped, air conditioned gym about a mile from home; the walks to and from provide a good warmup and cooldown.  We work out, weights and cardio, six days a week.  The program includes regular planning of our exercise routines by a personal trainer, physical evaluations via bioimpedance, and consults with a nutritionist, for R$220/month for the two of us.  This goes against a US credit card, so the cost to us in dollars has been gradually dropping.
Our diet is very healthy, leaning heavily toward chicken, fish, rice, beans, vegetables,  whole grains, and some dairy.  We eat very little red meat, few sweets, and normally have no junk food in the house.  I eat two meals a day; my husband eats more, but he's younger and has a much faster metabolism -- lucky!  Saturday night is Date Night and we eat out and let go some, but try not to get too extreme.  I like my beer *grin*, but try to limit it to when we're out.
We also stay super hydrated, going through a 20L "garrafão" of mineral water (R$7.00) every two days or so.

tapping is much of that brasileira bumbum as possible will keep you pretty fit....

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