Keeping fit in Austria

Hello everyone,

Keeping fit during your time in Austria is of utmost importance. How about sharing with us and your fellow expats how you keep healthy in your host country?

What are your daily health hacks in Austria?

Do you exercise regularly? What is your go-to sport?

Do you manage to keep your diet healthy and balanced? How easy is it to maintain a balanced diet in Austria? Are you able to find organic products easily?

Are there national or local incentives to foster a healthy lifestyle: sensitisation campaigns, sports infrastructure etc. ?

How much of your monthly budget is dedicated to keeping fit?

Please share your experience,


where in austria are you going to? In Vienna there are tons of options. Especially in food is healthy and organuc which is called "bio".
martins reform haus, denns biomarkt, Billa

There are cheap gyms: fitinn, fitfabrik and a lot of outdoor sport options in summer atdanube river and Danube Island and Prater, many parks...

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