Buying nightclub/disco

I'd like to ask if anybody has experience in buying established nightclub/disco in Spain, is it a good idea, any tips?

Personally I think its a bad idea.

A high risk business that is burdened with problems. Leave it to the Spanish.

I know of foreigners that are experienced in operating licensed businesses and they have sadly failed.

So you're saying best to stay away from bar/nightclub type of businesses then.

I agree with SimCityAT.

Have heard horror stories from foreigners who have thought investing in such an industry would be a great money earner and lifestyle. Too many criminal types involved as it is a great way to launder money. To elicit "protection money", wanting to sell you their stolen liquor, staff ripping you off etc.

Well I didn't think of it this way, but that makes sense, it can attract this kind of things.

So what type of business would you suggest then? I've seen few real estate agents for sale that sounds interesting,

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