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I had a quick look through all the other posts but didnt come across anything of this sort.

MOM is currently processing my appeal, and they have asked for a document:

"Justify how to applicant's past work experience and/or skills possessed are relevant to the current occupation applied for"

Does they mean a reference letter?

The hiring manager in Singapore has made a job description for the job (its really an internship) I am applying for. I also have one for my past job (also an internship), however I am currently unable to get a reference letter from that job (there were only 2 employees and impossible to get in touch with them).

Obviously MOM are ON TOP OF THEIR GAME in the back checking and verifications.

Does anyone have suggestions? Do I try get a reference letter from another job (but that is not very related to the job being applied for)? Do I try to get a reference letter of character?

Thanks for any help, suggestions or ideas,

It truly is appreciated!

"Justify how to applicant's past work experience and/or skills possessed are relevant to the current occupation applied for"

MoM asking your employer to justify on what basis they hired you and how would they justify that your past experiences or skills set is having relevance to their job position for which they hired.

It has nothing to do with reference letter. The employer has to justify it. As you didn’t mention past position held in your previous company and present company offered position, so I can’t comment. You can check yourself how different is it to your previous job (by job role as well by job requirements). Good luck

Thanks for the reply, Surya2k, thats a different perspective and I appreciate that.

The thing is, when the HR person that I am dealing with at the said something along the lines of "MoM is requesting additional information from manager" with that description underneath. Also I spoke to the hiring manager earlier today as we have been staying in touch, and she did mention a recommendation letter from the previous manager, except when she hired me she didn't ask for it.

The jobs are very similar, in the same line of work/industry and even the skills and tasks involved overlap very closely. The role I had before was Assistant Perfumer Intern, and the one I am applying for is Scent Design Manager Intern... a little bit un-common and maybe thats part of the reason why MOM needs to be sure.

The recommendation letter is only telling about your past work but MoM question is direct towards the current employer to provide justification of hiring (to provide rationale how was your past work experiences matches with their present job description).

I understand why your present employer wants a recommendation letter because they will tell MoM based on the positive feedback from previous employer and their recommendation, the employer hired you. But, I would suggest with recommendation letter, present employer should provide their rationale e.g. your previous job how was related to current profile - selective points should be highlighted to impress MoM. Good luck

Hey there Surya2k, I submitted the document kind of in line with what you suggested, and it worked! My appeal has been approved, thanks so much for your advice and suggestion!

Good to hear. Congrats!

Thank you so much!! Im so excited!

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