EP Approved - IPA Letter not received

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My EP was approved on 10th of December 2018 and confirmed it from MOM official website. However due to some investment issues, employer refuse to send the IPA letter over the past one and half months and keep asking more time to negotiate with the investors. i'hv already decline two job offers during this period as i have a valid EP with the other employer and wondering whether if it is possible to take any actions against them with the help of MOM if they don't send me the IPA letter to  save someone else time in the future ?

You can raise this issue at MoM but only things will go against you in future, if you will work with that employer. 

Secondly, if the employer is taking too much time and you see there is no alignment with the offer letter joining date then you should ask them to withdraw the EP.

In general, IPA has got validity. You can check when it expires. If they are not cooperating then write a mail to MoM to cancel the IPA. Good luck

You have a valid employment contract with the company (that is prerequisite for applying for EP). The contract should mention starting date of employment and the company must obey to that. If not, you could sue them.
The IPA usually has a validity of one month (check what is written on yours!) and thus might have expired by now. The employer can get an extension (usually another months) by giving MoM a suitable explanation for the delay. If the extension period also expires, the EP becomes invalid and a new one must be applied for.
Alternatively, you can at any time terminate the employment contract and thus the EP (you shoulkd notify the company and MoM of this!). Then you can accept employment with another company and they can apply for another EP for you.
Good luck!

Hi beppi

thank you for your valuable feedback.My EP status shows as Approved as of now is that mean my EP is still not expired ?  is it possible to apply for the EP and not hire the candidate ? if they don't hire what are the options that i have to sue them (if i have no further interest in working with them) so that i can avoid such unprofessionalism  for other foreign candidates applying for the same company.

The company needs a valid employment contract (i.e. "hire" you) first - only then can they apply for your EP. If then they do not fulfill their obligations from the contract, you could sue them. You could also report the incidenmce to MoM, which might lead to sanctions against the company.
I have no idea whether EPOnline shows the status as "expired" if the EP is not issued while the IPA is valid. Ask MoM!

Hi beppi

thank you for you clarification really appreciate it .

Hi bappi

I just receive my IPA letter and it valid up to 2 years  but employer haven't shared the starting date yet . having all those things what are the possibilities that something might go wrong? is it illegal for the employer if they don't hire me ?


The employer HAS hired you, as you have a valid employment contract and IPA in hand.
Of course, as with any contract, it can be termninated, even before you start work. Check the contract for conditions for terminating it (e.g. notice period).

great thanks.

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