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I am applying for long term visa from India for Belgium( Spouse Reunion). My husband works as a freelancer in Belgium. When I was submitting my visa application, I came to know I need an invitation letter from my husband and a covering letter from his company. As he is a freelancer working for a company on contract basis, do we need a letter from the company or his letter is sufficient to apply for my visa. Has anyone applied in such case. If so, what are the documents required. The documents required mentioned in VFS site and the documents asked while submission differ. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


For family re-union, invitation letter is not a mandatory requirement AFAIK. You need to prepare a cover letter in which you can explain your husbands professional situation and mention what documents are you providing to prove that. You can attach your husband's housing contract, bank statements, ID, passport, etc etc as applicable.

Thank you for your reply. Do I need any letter from my husband too.


Thank you so much for your help.

With reference to my question about Belgium visa, my husband had paid administrative costs of 200 euros for the application and I had attached the receipt of same for submission. As per VFS,  the motif should be showing birth date of applicant and not the payment date and they cannot accept the document. Can you please help with your suggestions on how to rectify this. Thank you.

I dont know if the amount once paid can be refunded. You may need to make a new payment with the correct reference: … ation.aspx

Here is the instruction.

Be extra careful with the documentation. :) Any small error you make may result in more time to process your file and complications.

Ok..thank you so much for responding.

Your husband can try to write to DOFI explaining the money was transferred with a wrong reference (motif) and request a refund.

Sure..we will try that.. thanks..

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