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I am Scottish and have lived in the Netherlands for 20 years. I am considering selling my flat and moving to Glasgow, to study as a mature student (I am 34). I would like to study English or the Arts, Interior, textile design. I completed high school (International Baccalaureate) and obtained my bachelor here in the Netherlands. I ave a British passport and a permanent residence card for the Netherlands.

-How would i be classified for uni fees? I did read that Scots do enjoy free education? after how many years living in Scotland does this apply?

-Can anyone tell me what their experiences are as a mature student in Glasgow?

-Can anyone advise what the first step would be? I would need to prep so was thinking of taking a course to build a portfolio or taking an access course. Whats the route for someone in my situation?


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Being a mature student you have passed this year's deadline which was 15th January. You can find all the information HERE.

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This ks very helpful thankyou!!
I plan to move to scotland by spring 2020, so good to know that january is the deadline:)

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