Flic flac vs grand baie

Hi so numbeo says that grand bay is cheaper on groceries than flic flac.

Is this true if one compares say loaf of bread, milk and dozen eggs?


For some items, one can be cheaper or more expensive than the other but generally the prices are almost the same especially if you go shopping in the same chain of super/hypermarkets.
That said, in GB you have more shopping options than in FenF and therefore you can adapt your spending power according to your purchases.

The price of bread sold in local bakeries, shops and supermarkets is a fixed commodity. A loaf is around MUR 2 and a baguette around MUR 6.
However if you buy bread in some other high end bakeries, you will pay a lot more.

Powdered milk is quite expensive. A 1 KG box can cost you around MUR 200. Depends on the brands and origin also.
Milk sold in cartons are cheaper. A liter usually costs MUR 35  - 60.

Eggs are sold either through retail or in crates/boxes in supermarkets.
One egg costs MUR 5 or 6.
In supermarkets, prices of crates vary depending on brands and suppliers.

Hello. Basic necessities are all of the same price.

Grand Bay cheaper than Flic en flac ? Frankly I am not really sure ... rentals are (in my humble opinion) cheaper in Flic en Flac, which is still not very much accessible ..

Yes. Assets prices are less expensive in flic en flacq Vs G Bay. Yan

Flic en flac is much cheaper than Grand baie for sure ;)

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