Refused Entry, Coming with IPA, Embarkation card

Hi, I was refused entry twice, first because I just finished my contract in Singapore and then next when I  tried to come back after 10months, but then there was a new immigration policy that all refused entry should contact ICA first before coming back. Now I am holding employment visa in UAE but got a job in Singapore. I already have a copy of the IPA from Singapore company and have already contacted ICA, ICA said that I can come as per normal visitor. Now my questions would be:
*Do I tick the 'yes' on the question "have you been prohibited from entering Singapore" on the embarkation card, and
*how many days do I write on the box of 'length of stay' on the embarkation card.

Thanks in advance for your response.

You didn’t mention why you were prohibited entering Singapore? You finished your contract has no reason to deny your entry.

If ICA already said that you can visit as a visitor then it would be fine for you to come with your IPA letter.

On embarkation white paper, you must have to declare correctly.  Immigration officer can see your entire history, declaring anything wrong would create trouble for you only. Length of visit can be mentioned 30 days (visa period of a visitor). Good luck

Hi... Regarding my first refused entry, I finished my contract, after three weeks I went to Thailand then back to Singapore. Then three weeks again, flew to Phils then after 5days went back to Sg, that was when I got refused entry first. The second one was after 10months..

Thanks for your reply :)

So, you were denied based on clear case of visa violation. Singapore immigration officials don’t like visa runs, your case was leading to that only.

In future try to avoid that. You may post here your experience once you reached Singapore with IPA whether you had any issue or not (my understanding you should not have an issue but they will take to their open office next to the checkpoint to verify the IPA letter then allow you to enter - this is a common practice at present). Good luck

Hi all,

I successfully got in! :) though they brought me to the open counter on the side and asked me to do the thumbprinting 3x (first was at the immigration counter where you line-up), the other two thumbprinting at the open counter on the side.

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