Getting a job in Malaysia as an Indonesian graduating there.

I am currently studying my AS Levels and will move to Malaysia this year to Nottingham University.  I will graduate in year 2023 (I think)  and I will be 23 years old by then.  I am aware that Malaysia has this Min 27 age thing as a foreigner to work there but I've seen some people working below it. I prefer jobs realting to Mechanical Engineering (Automotive,  Aero Space,  Petroleum etc)  but I'm currently worried as fresh grads there are having trouble looking for a job.  I don't want to get a job here in Indo mainly because there's absolutely no safety regulations for Engineers here. My second choice is Singapore but I wonder if I can get a job there too.  Please help , especially foreigners who used to be fresh grads from Malaysia. I am currently learning Mandarin at a slow pace (Still focusing on my AS levels afterall)  and plan to take a Mandarin course at university.  For now I am bilingual.

No there is no longer a minimum age. It has been replaced by 2-3 years work experience post degree.

What do you mean by a 2-3 year work experience?  I need to have at least 2-3 years worth of experience to be able to work there?  I plan on graduating with a Master's Degree on Mechanical Engineering

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