One **** "CIGAR" ?

In a country where you can buy a pack of Marlboro Cigarettes for 75 Peso why can't you buy one Cigar without mortgaging your house or selling your youngest child. Every now and then I like to chew on a Cigar while doing some complicated work that requires thinking. In this country one cannot just go to the Supermarket or Seven Eleven to buy a Cigar.  One Cigar store wants 1196 Peso for their cheapest five pack of Cigars, which comes out to $4.50 per Cigar, not bad. I was in a local Casino that wanted $42 dollars for one Cigar.

How about this: I bought a bottle of 1,000 baby aspirins on Amazon $8 and had it Fedex'd to Manila. Not knowing 81mg aspirins is required by customs to have a Doctors prescription. I had to pay over $7,000 peso storage fees while straightening the prescription & paperwork.

Geezes thats mild compared to thailand customs rorts !! Had special drill shipped  over via DHL from australia !!!! 8000thb duty !! 3500thb 3 day storage !! 5200thb ""tax:" ???  No one could explain the fees !!    I said happy days & you keep it !!!!!!!!!!!     Got another that got brought thru in checked luggage by mate !!!

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