Kuwait Visit Visa for Pakistanis living in Bahrain

Dear All,

I am looking for information to obtain a visit visa for Kuwait as intend to travel via KSA (transit Visa) by road. For all GCC residents eVisa is available but when I tried it said for Pakistanis the option is not available.

Further, any possiblity to obtain visa at the border or not.


I don't think you know this but Kuwait visa for Pakistanis has been banned for ages. They dropped the blanket ban recently but the checks are strict and it is next to impossible to get a visa without strong wasta.

This point even came up in the discussion we had on the Bahrain ban in this forum where I said that Bahrain could go direction of Kuwait where its been restricted for years now.

And guess what?  One of the many reasons why the ban in Kuwait happened was Iranians with fake Pakistani passports..... Sound familiar?

We never learn. Before it was Kuwait, now Bahrain and if things keep going this way, the rest of the GCC will follow.

Anyway, I suggest you drop your plans or find someone with wasta to get you a visa. You will not get one on arrival in all probability.

Hi Xtang, well am aware of the Ban.. but I believe it was lifted in 2016-17 as per thr news.. from one of my acquaintances I heard they are issuing but after strict scrutiny only!! Am not sure . Have you any Email contact of Embassy of Kuwait in Bahrain so I might write to them to inquire perhaps!

That's what I said - theoretically it was lifted but getting a visa to Kuwait is still a massive issue. I know of many people who were rejected despite needing to go there on business and after being sponsored by big Kuwaiti companies.

I don't have the contact details for the Embassy in Bahrain.  And besides, no one bothers to respond to emails or pick phones.  Better to go there and check.

Thanks for the info!! I will try my luck anyways 😅

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