Software Engineer moving to Germany


I considering moving to Germany and I am looking for some information.

I am a qualified software engineer with 3 years experience and was wondering where would be the best place in Germany to find a software job? If I move over to Germany i'll get a non-software job to start to get settled but then progress on to another job. I have started to learn the language. Is there any tech hub in Germany like Ireland has Dublin? Where would be the best place to start looking?

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Berlin has a tech startup scene, Frankfurt is the centre of Fintech. There are also software jobs (often very specialised niches) in many other locations.
I wouldn't recommend limiting yourself to one place - your chances are much higher if you apply all over the country and then move to wherever you find something.
Also keep in mind that most "mainstream" or mass market IT jobs have already moved to cheaper locations like India.

Thanks a million for your reply!

No; there is no one area for high tech; you need to look at individual companies. But 3 years is not a lot of experience. Usually one needs 5 years like say to get a blue card visa. And what sense does it make to try for a lower job that where your experience lies? Actually, people from non EU-countries need to have high qualifications. Companies do not look for or can’t get the visa for a low skilled person who would then work their way up. I understand this as a strategy in one’s home country but not to get a job in Germany.

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