Accommodation for large group?

hi, I'm looking to try and get somewhere in Central Berlin for a large group of around 10. We're all male and meeting up for a reunion from around the world. We're not a stag party and in our late 40s so wouldn't be too loud or messy!

Has anyone got any ideas of somewhere we could stay together? I'm looking at Airbnb but some of the more suitable apartments are very pricey.  It would be great to have 10 separate beds (we're not that close!!!) and a common room we can chill out in the evenings and mornings.


Typical group accommodations (albeit not for your age group) are youth hostels, which are also the cheapest option available at around EUR30/night per person. Other than that, for such a large group, you might be out of luck anywhere but at hotels.

Look at there are lots of hostels and some cheap hotels in Berlin. In hostels you can sometimes exclusively book rooms for groups - and if booking well in advance one often gets a price of well under 30 euros, I did a quick look and found many starting at 13 Euros/night. Hotels are usually going to be 2 or 3 to a room but cheaper than individual rooms. And most hostles and hotels have a bar or common area for socializing.

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