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Hi all! There is lots of information online about how to get around Phnom Penh by tuktuk/bike/car but very little about walking. I'm currently looking at work and accommodation options and often prefer to walk the journeys I'll be making every day. Can anyone shed some light on how easy it is to get around for pedestrians? Are there adequate pavements? Is it safe to walk around during the rush hours? Many thanks in advance!

Where will you be working? The ‘pavements’ are usually taken up by cars and bikes.

Stephanie is correct, side walks are occupied by food sellers, cars, motorbikes, so pedestrians have to go on the road to pass, which is quite a job as pedestrians are considered totally unimportant. I had several disputes with drivers that totally ignored me (and I'm not that thin).

The only nice walk I know of (but that doesn't bring you jobs or housing) is along the river, starting at the Royal Palace and going all the way to Wat Phnom, a beautiful "boulevard" along the river, I love to walk that part.

Good luck.


Nothing yet secured but looking at around the Royal Palace area perhaps? Are there some areas that have better pavements than others?

Nothing yet secured but looking at around the Royal Palace area perhaps? Are there some areas that have better pavements than others?

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply - that's really helpful (but a little disconcerting). I've never ridden a motorbike but keen to have independence to get around without having to rely on others. How often do you walk to get around (to the shops, restaurants, bars etc)? Should I give up the idea that I can walk most places I want/need to go to?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Lindsay.

If you've never ridden a motorbike, for sure don't start doing it in Cambodia!!!
Traffic is a disaster with half of the people driving against traffic and thinking traffic signs are mere recommendations.

When I settled in PP after 2 years Sihanoukville I sold my motorbike and only use Pass App rickshaws.

I walk everywhere in my area Russian Market, safe but you have to be aware of traffic.

Hope this helps.


Hi Joe,

That's really good to know - thanks! I guess that's the main thing that it's possible to walk around the Russian market area (where I'd be hoping to live).

It sounds quite similar to Saigon with minimum usable pavements and it'll be a case of figuring out when to use tuktuk/taxis and where when we know the area(s) better.

Thanks so much for the helpful info and advice!


You're most welcome Lindsay.



Lindsay I’ve only been here a week but I’ve been using PassApp all day every day and had no problems. You don’t have to negotiate prices, most drivers have limited English, they arrive quickly wherever you are and it’s quite comfortable. It’s a set price so if they get a little lost or traffic is bad it doesn’t cost you extra.

I live in Russian Market and travel around for work. It’d be so annoying without PassApp.

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