Overstaying the schengen zone x applying for French WH visa

Hi guys,

I recently returned back to Australia from the UK/EU after living in Glasgow for 2 years. It came to my attention as I went to apply for a French Working Holiday Visa that during my time travelling in the EU, I overstayed my automatic Schengen visa by a week or two. I am now concerned that they will see this in my passport and reject my application. I was wondering whether anyone had ever had had the same issues with overstaying and whether that impinged on their ability to get a Working holiday Visa.

Thank you in advance for all your comments and help.


Hi - I can't give you a very definite reply, sorry. I am amazed that you received that notice but the UK is probably much stricter than France, where I have experience, since everyone wants to go there and there are so many illegal immigrants. (In fact, why is this question on this French forum?) It is not a serious overstay and I would imagine that it would be discretionary on the part of the person reviewing your case. Many maybe even most, migrant issues are treated individually, so I doubt if anyone can really answer this. If the issue is addressed, perhaps you could show a return ticket honoring the allotted time (90 days I imagine?) It is tricky, because if they refuse you will lose your plane ticket unless you can afford a changeable or reimbursable one.

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