Hello members my name is Muhammad Hassan

I want to asked about the visa cancellation procedures?Currently I am on employment visa in Oman . I want to go on cancellation back to Pakistan . My current company is foreign company they closed their operation in Oman due to no business now they are leaving Oman soon  . Company CR is still registered in Oman . Currently I am staying in Oman and searching job if I able to get the job how I can go on cancellation ? Company already issued me the NOC.. kindly advice me if my company persons left the Oman what should I have to do for visa cancellation to transfer on new employer if I got the job or I need to write some letter and get signed and also which type of letter .

Please advice

Thank you

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If you wish to have a good response to your question, ask in the right country you wish to ask help in. Not a problem as you are new and not familiar with the site. But as for the title just saying your name "Hello members my name is Muhammad Hassan" does give anyone an idea what you want.

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