Chest xray for visa medical

Hi there,

Can anyone help me on the below
I am.currently holding a residence visa for UAE.
I have scar in my lung which was due to old tb cases around more then a decade am planning to move Muscat Oman soon will there be an issue in clearing this visa medical.

Please assit on this its a matter of career.


1) You might want to post on the Oman forums
2) Scars in the lungs are a big no-no in pretty much every single GCC country.  UAE is the most relaxed out of all of the rest of them.  If you want my advice, stay in the UAE and do transfers to other jobs there as you will be classified as "old" visa and the lung scar won't matter.   If you go out, it will be a big issue everywhere else and coming back won't be easy (as you will then be classified as "new" visa)

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