Philippine Airlines Questions


I am flying to Manila Tuesday, and have not flown commercial in a long time.  Does the airline have USB charging ports for my phone?  Also, do they have an AC charging port in case I need to recharge my laptop?

Hi buddy

Don't bet on it. Best to have a power bank ready for your mobile. Same goes for the laptop. The flight is not amazingly equipped.

Also, good to have a gang of extension wire.

Thanks. I have a power bank, but it isn't very big.  Guess I can make do.

I take it you are flying PAL (Philippine Airlines).  If so then some planes do and some don't, most do.  Gradually the planes are all being updated to have USB chargers in them.

If it is an older plane without tv screens in the head rest in front of your seat, then make sure you down load myPal player and or Pal  InAir  (Pal) so you can watch movies on your phone if you want to.  These ones will have USB chargers.

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