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Hi, guys
I need your advise. My husband has got the offer from Saudi Aramco and we are going to move to Dhahran next month (my husband is already there trying to get the visa for me and my daughter as soon as possible). And we just remembered that we have a souvenir alcohol bottle from Chicago winery in one of the moving boxes which are already in the KSA customs. Could you please advise how bad is the situation in this case?

Well, if it is part of a large amount of household goods, you may get lucky and they don't find it.

It is difficult to predict how it will go - the variables are your sponsor's influence, PRO expertise and your nationalities. 

The situation could range from confiscation / fine to a major issue such as arrest & deportation.

Just to give a range;

Small company, no major connections and sub-continent or third world nationalities - arrest & deportation
Large company, good connections and western nationalities - confiscation and maybe a fine

Thanks a lot for your reply. He is working for Aramco now and from Azerbaijan. Hopefully we will be lucky 🙏

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