Question about immigration for future wife

Hello everyone,

The subject might be a little tough to comprehend, so let me get straight to my question:
I want to move this year from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Germany. I actually have also Croatian nationality, which enables me a hassle-less procedure of immigration. The trick is in the following and where I get confused. I have a girlfriend which I plan to marry this year, come summer. Can she move in with me if we are married? She would actually look for a job (Civil Engineering I guess it's in demand), so would that ease the procedure?

Thanks in advance for any reply and thank you for reading this :)

Your future wife can either get a visa and work permit on her own merits (after finding an eligible job), or she gets a family reunion visa to join you, which usually includes a work permit.

One more thing, that I didn't mention is that she does not have any EU citizenship. Does that complicate the process of a family reunion?

EU citizens do not need visa. What I wrote above is ONLY for non-EU-citizens.
The requirements for a family reunion visa are that you have enough finances (at least €9000/year per person), sufficient living space (e.g. rented apartment) and a health insurance for her.
And the application process can take several months.

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