I dono the reason for my visa rejection.. I asked my cousin abt this issues.. He checked and said there must be problem with my salary entered.. It seems like 2200SD.. then i checked in net it shows like not eligible only..Is that the reason???
He said ll try reappeal.. is there any possibility to get noww???

You did not say what kind of visa you applied for.
Since you mention a salary of S$2200 I assume it is an S-Pass and your employer applied, not you. If that is not correct, please clarify!
The minimum fixed base salary to get an S-Pass is S$2300/month. If you get only S$2200/month, your S-Pass application was rejected because of that. Check your employment contract what you're supposed to get!

My employer applied for s-pass only.. Now they said ll reappeal.. Is ther any possibility now to get approved?? How long it ll take time?? For 1st time it tuk more than 3months..

As I said, you need an appropriate base salary to be eligible for S-Pass.
If this employer is not willing to fulfill the requirements, you should look for another one!

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