I dono the reason for my visa rejection.. I asked my cousin abt this issues.. He checked and said there must be problem with my salary entered.. It seems like 2200SD.. then i checked in net it shows like not eligible only..Is that the reason???
He said ll try reappeal.. is there any possibility to get noww???

You did not say what kind of visa you applied for.
Since you mention a salary of S$2200 I assume it is an S-Pass and your employer applied, not you. If that is not correct, please clarify!
The minimum fixed base salary to get an S-Pass is S$2300/month. If you get only S$2200/month, your S-Pass application was rejected because of that. Check your employment contract what you're supposed to get!

My employer applied for s-pass only.. Now they said ll reappeal.. Is ther any possibility now to get approved?? How long it ll take time?? For 1st time it tuk more than 3months..

As I said, you need an appropriate base salary to be eligible for S-Pass.
If this employer is not willing to fulfill the requirements, you should look for another one!

hiiii beppii... my hr said they got ipa approved unfortunately my spass GOT rejected 2nd time....now they calling me to attend interview.. is there possible to get spass??? if i attend direct interview...

You only get an IPA if the S-Pass is approved.
And if you are already hired, why would they need another interview
Your post is confusing.

hii beppi.. 3months wentoff my spass is still pending.. my company hr told to me. if this time rejected means they planning to call me n tourist visa.. I ask them why need tourist visa? wats the propose?? they said its direct mom meeting.. The rejected reason or if any other we can check it by direct nd moreover possibility is high to get spass approved there.. they can change tourist visa to spass... I dono its true or not is there any possibilities there.

Chandru4: Your message is barely understandable. Is your pass still pending or rejected?
In any case, the company can ask MoM for a personal meeting with the processing officer and they can bring you along to it.
A tourist visa (SVP) can be converted to S-Pass if you receive the IPA and complete all formalities within the validity of the SVP. But to prevent problems when arriving in Singapore, bring along a return ticket at the end of the SVP and a booking of accommodation for the SVP time.

Did you ever check your application status on EPOnline?
That is better than relying on second hand information from your employer!

Something is not correct here when you said they can change your tourist visa to a work pass. How on earth that is going to happen?

MoM will approve or reject your work pass application which is currently pending, that has no link to your tourist visa (to be issued at ICA).

Secondly, why your employer don’t reach out MoM to check if there is anything pending from your end or any reason for getting delay, so that MoM can speedy up the approval process, rather asking you to visit here!

Thirdly, MoM doesn’t do entertain all this and in normal case, they never give appointment to employees visit them at the time of approval process.

So, looking at the above points, it looks me unusual developments at your employer end. Good luck

in case of spass rejection.. Is there any possibilities to meet mom and providing my original document and is there any chance of getting spass approved after????

The employer can appeal against the rejection - and this could be successfull if the rejection reasons are addressed.
But showing your certificates will not help.

hii beppii i have one more doubt.. i have my passport no can i check my spass result in online.  My HR wasnt sharing my fin no they telling like its confidential... Is there any way to check,,,,If i try to check ll  that affect my current status or it create any prob to my company ,hr,anythng??? shall i contact  mom direct via email

The FIN is not confidential, in fact you should get it.
You can check your status online or by contacting MoM - this will not have any influence on your application process!

In short, you can use your passport number in EPOnline to check your current status. This is a common practice for first time applicants to use their passport number, don’t depend on potential FIN number to check.

In my first message, I had mentioned that things are not correct at your employer end. Here, too they are giving you wrong information, potential FIN number can be shared with the employee.

Checking your application status won’t have any influence on result of your application. So, don’t worry. Good luck

hii guys... i have one more doubt.. my spass got two times rejected... now my Hr called me nd said ll try epass... nd i have mentioned n my cv as before i have 6months experience in construction field.. did the mom noticed that ?? so nly my spass got rejected uhhh??/

Chandru4: it is very unlikely that you can get an EP if you are not even eligible for an S-Pass. Don‘t  put much hope into this!
(But if the employer wants to try, you may let them - after all, it costs you nothing and you have nothing to lose!)

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