Hi Everyone,

We are a family with two little kids (4 and 2 years old) planning to experience the life in Argentina for 6 months or more. Based on our Web search we picked Mendoza as a place where we would like to start our experience. We are originally from Europe lived in Florida for the past 16 years and  we understand a little more than basic Spanish. We also speak Hungarian, French and Romanian. We are happy if anyone can give us advises about Mendoza. Is Mendoza a good choice to live if you have two little kids with you? Accommodation, daycare for the kids are the most important questions we have to answer to ourselfs at this moment before we make the decision to make the trip. Our plan is to get there at the beginning of July but before that we would take a trip in February just to see what are we getting in too. Any advise would help. Please contact us. Thank you!

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