Finding a job was never harder

It's been 7 months since I moved to KL on a dependant visa with my Wife and toddler. While my better half already has work, unfortunately I don't. Wherever I apply with my 12 years experience backing me up, I am only getting one response - "We regret to inform you...".

Can someone enlighten me on what it really takes to get work in Malaysia? Is there a possibility at all or should I plan to move elsewhere?

If you search the forum you will see abundant information on the topic. Search around the threads.

My take on this hasnt changed because the situation hasnt changed. There are basically two ways to get a job here. One, you are transferred here from a multi-national company in other country. Two, you have a broad network of local friends working in the industries you are interested in and they will help bring you in to a job.

Except for low jobs that locals dont want to do, like food service, housekeeping and construction, Malaysia has very little reason to consider an outsider. Its difficult and expensive to hire a foreigner, especially when a company has to try to make a case to the government that you have very unique skills that locals dont share. Thats partly why you get rejection letters.

Ive also said many times to never reply to an advertisement. Seek out the companies yourself that you want to work for and try to get directly to a meeting to discuss what you can do for them.

This leaves you a final option of opening your own business. That too is expensive and difficult but can be done and if you are very good in your work you will find the way to get customers independently of a normal job. Most people dont have the resources for this but it can be done. You can also have an online business as many people do, but since that could be done anywhere, why bother with Malaysia?

As someone else is bound to say, you are supposed to first be out of the country when you are hired here.

If you dont or cannot fit into something ive said here, get no ideas from this, then you will have to consider leaving because life is short and you need to eat. I dont mean to be negative but the job environment has never been very good here, most have struggled, most have left. For everyones sake and sanity, I wish people would broadly and deeply research their specific jobs before ever coming here. Yet, people still come and expect to be quickly hired because they have this vision in their mind that is seldom matched with reality, then they leave depressed, discouraged and more poor than when they arrived. Im not saying that applies to you, Im just saying the situation is a bit grim and getting good jobs needs extraordinary measures. In spite of this, Malaysia keeps growing and therefore logic says there should be opportunity but the growth is for the benefit of locals, not outsiders. But sometimes miracles do happen! Thats the situation and I wish you good luck.

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