renewal of permesso di soggiorno subsiquent years

hello everyone
i had an appointment in questura for permit of stay for which they want a certificate stating that i passed the two exams after the first renewal . Unfortunately i clear full one exams and half part of three other subjects. So do anybody have any idea what i can do in this case as they said if i fail to provide a certificate they will reject the application for permit of stay and so i will stay in italy and continue my course :(
Any suggestion will be helpfull


Hello the rule says that u have to clear at least 1 paper in first year and 2 papers every subsequent years after the first year for renewal ..... but one of my friend who is doing 2 years regular masters course got a certificate from professor that he is doing thesis under him which amounts to 20 credits and that was sufficient for him. Also those thesis are entered under his study plan. To be precise  he was in 4 year of his masters and he also managed to clear only one exam during the whole academic i.e. last year in Polimi. Where r u based ?

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