Finding Work In Paris, France

Hello, Everyone.

I'm starting to look for companies who can also process my work permit before applying my work VISA to France.

It's difficult to find an agency to assist me with this so I am doing it all from scratch.

Am I starting of on the right track by looking for companies hiring overseas workers? Can you recommend a good site for job-seeking in Paris, France?

All help will be very much appreciated.

Colle S.

Hi Colle S. Welcome to  :)

Are you fluent in french language ?

Overall, it is rather difficult to find a job in France, employers need to prove that they haven't found any french national or any EU national first before employing other nationalities.

You may read the following article and try your luck on the websites indicated : Finding work in Paris

Furthermore, perhaps you should contact french companies established in your home country who have branches in France as well, try to get employed and afterwards ask for a transfer to a branch in France. Might be an option.

All the very best,

Yes, I am fluent in formal and professional English.
Thank you very much for this insight!

Colle S, thanks for the reply but not english language, are you fluent in French language.... ?

I am sorry, I mis-read. No. But I am taking lessons in French that will certify me (A1). Thank you for your response.

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