What it means work licence valid and iqama expired

Dear all

I would like to share my problem with you hope any one of you will help me to come out from my problem

I will begin from the beginning so everybody can understand my problem. Before all I'm Farooq staying in Saudi Arabia since last five years. So far every year my iqama renewed on time. I'm not working under my sponsor and I'm having azad ( free) visa. And my previous sponsor agreed me to work anywhere in the kingdom.

Last year when I came from annual vacation that time i was having iqama with one month validity. As usual i approach my sponsor to pay money to renew my iqama.

My company registerd with my sponsor wife. Sponsor and his wife separated due to some personnel issues. My iqama not getting renewed. Days passed away and my iqama expired on February 14 2018.

After expatriation of my iqama my company was still in grean colour. I requested release paper. And I don't have his wife contact details. Whenever I approach her husband he was telling i don't have any authorization to give you release letter.

After months passed away i got good job in well reputated company. I joined the company. That time my new company is in red color they told me to wait for two months to settled down the things. In that time I approached broker to renew my iqama at any cost.

Broker paid jawazad 5806 riyal for my work licence renewal. In December my new company status comes in green zone. Transfers are taking place. They were try to transfer my kaama to their company but had not take place they said to me once your work licence will expire then only transfer will possible.

I would like to request you all if my work licence is valid can i take to transfer to other company.

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