Hi everyone,

I don't seem to find any meaningful descriptions of Zagreb agglomerates according to income levels, cleanliness etc.

For example, I am from Budapest. It is quite fair to say for the most part that if one goes along the perimeter of Budapest the following is found. Northwest would be pretty affluent people, neighborhoods, valuable family homes and gated communities. Southwest would be even more affluent boasting some of the highest square meter prices in the country. Organized, tidy streets, upper middle class and high income people reside there.

As opposed to that the Northeast is much poorer villages with older unkept homes, lower middle class people. Of course there are exceptions to this but it is generally true. In turn, the Southeast is the home of poor settlements around the International Airport. Working class people reside here in poor, unkept neighborhoods. It is a different country as compared to the Southwest, yet it is only about 50 kms apart.

Are there such clear distinctions in Zagreb? I would be quite eager to learn about them.

Thank you> Bublik

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