Job seeking experience in Belgium

Dears,I would like to post my experience of the job seeking in Belgium, maybe can be helpful for that who are the first time to search for a job here.

Personal introduction: job seeker, first time to live and work in Belgium, speak little Dutch

The website I found most useful (sorted by importance): Indeed;  LinkedIn;  VDAB;  monster
Indeed:   Most of the relative positions I found are from Indeed. It provides quite some English titled jobs.
LinkedIn:   LinkedIn constantly send related positions to me according to my experience. Although I think the positions are only 60% match, but the companies of the positions are more relative (90% I would say). This gives me an ideas of the companies in my industry, and I can do my own search based on that. Another good thing is through this way LinkedIn encourages me to apply for jobs each day >_<.
VDAB:    There's a large amount of positions in VDAB, more than other website I suppose. The disadvantage is many of them are in Dutch. Don't be scared by the Dutch requirement, it won’t waste you anything if you just give it a try. If the company find you former experience quite relative, they would still give you the chance despite of language requirement.
Monster: I use it only for reminding me the new positions each month through email.

Some advise for key words of searching:
Expand the title you search for. For example, at the beginning I searched only product engineer, but then I found there are different names for the same job responsibility such as mechanical engineer, project engineer etc. Through some time of searching, it’s easy to summarize the different key words fitted for you.

Importance to refine the profile on LinkedIn:
Only my own experience: After revising my profile (country of residence, open to new positions) , I received 3 messages from LinkedIn. The hunters and HR found me through my profile. And I got some interview opportunities because of that. One thing do not forget is, add your native language in the profile. Maybe some companies doing international business in your country will be interested in you.
Also LinkedIn is helpful for me to prepare the interview. I would normally read the profile of the interviewer (if possible to find) before the interview. When I know more about the interviewer, I feel more relaxed during the interview.

It’s quite possible to have ups and downs during the phase. Then hang out with friends to release some of the anxiety : ) or look for the friends who are also searching job and encourage each other ; ).

If you find the advises helpful, please also leave a comment with your own advise/experience. Maybe it will bring great help to others~

Thanks for sharing Joa2019  :)

Bhavna :

Thanks for sharing Joa2019  :)

My pleasure : )

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