Buying property in Bahrain for resident permit


I'm considering buying a property in Bahrain to self sponsor myself as resident.

Anyone went through the process yet?

Looking to clarify the following questions:

-some sources indicate that the investor needs a Bank Deposit Certificate with a minimum of 15k BD.
As I'm not resident at the moment, I can't open a bank account.
How does that work?

-do I need to reside in the qualifying (minimum 50k BD) property, or am I allowed to rent it out?

Appreciate all thoughts on the topic!

You can show proof of funds outside of Bahrain to get the visa and once you get it and have cpr, you can transfer them in. Worst case, some banks allow for saving accounts for non residents.

Yes you can rent it out. But your address must remain linked to the property ie EWA should be under your name.

Thanks XTang for your reply.

I’m right at the beginning of accessing the requirements, definately a good help to start with.

Sorry, a follow up question on that:

Is there any consultant someone can recommend on that matter or at least more details about the rules?

Where does it das that I can rent it out?
Is a lease to buy accepted or only upfront paid estates?
Unfortunately, I can‘t find any good source. The gov homepage is not really giving much away...

You need to own property not live in it. So you can rent it out as long as it is in your name.

Only upfront paid is considered.

Property agents can guide somewhat and refer you to pro agencies but there isn't a consultant specifically for this.

Perfect, thanks for the reply.

Last question for now:

Do I need a separate address/lease agreement for my CPR in case I rent out the qualifying property or can I still be registered with that address?

Not for now. Keep EWA in your name.

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