Mountain Road between Santiago and Sosua

If someone you all know and love has some motion sickness issues 😉😉 should the mountain road even be attempted?

Hubby "wants to see how much quicker" it is.  Hubby also remembers getting sick on said mountain road as a child.

He has promised not to drive like a bat out of hell.


I don't think motion sickness should be too much of the problem...  Just make sure to have good shocks on the car, drive slow as you will encounter animals on the road, narrow roads and hairpin turns. If you have a fear of heights, prepare to close your eyes as some areas have very steep cliffs without any guard rails of any kind.  Safe Travels!

Based upon google maps other routes between Sousa and Santiago are actually a little bit shorter time wise.

Where's your spirit of adventure?!  And future stories?  I, for one, would love to hear the tale of a driving, motion-sick man, and how he dealt with the journey.

Do it!  Please...?

I have had people get sick on  that road...

it may appear shorter on paper but the speed is reduced - alot !!

I am the one with the motion issues! Lol...

He thinks it is quicker but I think you are correct and the road will show us down. Plus, I like going through Puerto Plata! Jumbo, Hidelsia.....😀

Usually by the time we become ex-pats, we are not  in that much of a rush to get anywhere.  We are able to take the local & enjoy the journey.  If not, you can take the express bus & leave the driving to THEM.  I prefer the trip to the destination.  Circumstances often preclude the ability to take your time.  Maybe the next time you will be able to enjoy the view.

If you drive Jeep Wrangler, the stiff suspension will guarantee your passengers throw up.

For me the most uncomfortable vehicle to be a passenger in ever. It took me less time last year in St Croix than a trip over the mountains to Santiago on a winding rough road to call the driver to stop and get out and throw up.

The road via Puerto Plata to Navarete and Santiago is a most un-enjoyable drive in comparison, so do consider Sabaneta, Jamao, San Victor, Santiago which is incidentally going to get resurfaced this year instead of route 25 through Yassica Arriba and Tubagua. It was my preferred quick route to Santo Domingo via Moca last year when  working in Cabarete, but a turn at San Victor takes you to Tamboril and Santiago. New bridge in Jamao too!

IF you are talking about Hwy 5 ( I believe)  that goes from Moca over to just south of Cabarete, it is a fairly decent road. It  has it's potholes and rough spots and even travelling at 65 to 70 is almost impossible due to the curves and villages. Scenery is awesome and the people along the way that I have met are very friendly. The main hwy from Puerto Plata to Santiago which is under construction to make it a four lane hwy goes over much less of the highlands but is still mountainous. as I have only used these two routes to go to the airport or beaches, I much prefer the highlands (mountainous) road. If you were to take this road to go to Santiago, you would come into Moca and an intersection (with a Texaco station on the left) you would turn right and have an 18 km drive into Santiago. It takes me about 90 minutes to drive from Moca to Cabarete, sometimes less if very little traffic (farm vehicles and slow carts) .......other than that, I'm not sure of any other mountain road unless there is one further north of Puerto Plata tha goes around and back to Santiago....just never needed to look! Cheers

Thanks! We would be coming from Santiago to Sosua. At this point, we are gonna make a game day decision.😀

If only Puerto Plata airport was not so $$$, it would be a lot easier. One day, one day....

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