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Hi there,

I'm just looking for some honest advice. My partner and I are considering spending a couple of years in Australia working. I know I can secure a job as my firm has a office based in Sydney and has already offered me a position should I choose to take it. I was looking for some advice regarding my partner - teaching.

She's been teaching here in the UK now for 2 years but she only has a 3 year degree bachelor of primary education. Doing a bit of research this currently allows her to teach in NSW state only. I've heard a lot of information that primary teaching in Australia is particularly hard as there is an over supply of teachers and not enough spaces. Added into the fact that we need to live in and around Sydney so not really considering living rural.

What is the realistic chance of my parneter finding a full time job quickly - say within 3/6 months? It's going to cost us a lot of money if we move out there for a number of years so need to know the truth. So please be honest with us.

Many thanks

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