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I was wondering if anyone has applied for DP in December 2018 and how much time it took for you get an approval/ rejection. Although every case is different but curious to know what's the timeline looking like at this point in time as it was festive season and a lot of holidays?

My company applied for my wife's DP on 19 Dec 2018 and the status is still pending. The HR told me that it typically takes 3-4 weeks to get an approval so I am hopeful that I'll get some news next week. Fingers crossed!! but wanted to know about recent experiences.

As of now my wife is in Singapore on tourist pass and 30 days will finish on 25th Jan 2019 so getting a bit anxious now but I do have faith in the system so let's see.

PS: Surya2K and Beppi before you bash me, I want to share that I genuinely checked the recent forums for DP statuses but didn't find much so thought to publish a new post. Apologies if I missed anything. really appreciate your support here. It means a lot !!!

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Oh noticed a reply from Surya2K on one of the post - "
They are correct. It’s always safe to apply DPs after approval of EP. Spouse and children can travel with EP holder under tourist visa which will have validity of 30 days. Employer can apply DPs after you joined them. It may take few days to a week or two for DP approval. Good luck"

Mine is already over 3 weeks. Gosh ! more anxiety.

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