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There doesn't seem to by any lawyers listed for the Coimbra area on this site. Does anyone know an attorney they could recommend that will help with Visa issues? We will be taking care of most of the visa requirements ourselves but mostly need someone who can act as financial guarantor. That's assuming I can't get my landlord or real estate agent to sign on.

Also, can anyone recommend a good rental agent in Coimbra?


Have a look here > … es/lawyers

We are from Washington DC. We LOVE our lawyer who helped us buying our  home in Lisbon, Portugal. He speaks English and he is thorough.

His contact:
Sergio Catarino

Just mention Sue Bowman.

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Reason : can you please share his details privately and recommend it in the business directory. Thank you

Thank you so much for the link. I have already explored that and sadly there are no Coimbra professionals listed on that site. But thank you so much for the effort. Much appreciated.

Hi Sue! Would you mind posting his info here? Or directly messaging it to me? Thank you!!

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