Medications available in Mauritius

Hello All,

I am coming to mauritius to live for one year with my family in May 2019. I'm looking for any recommendations of pharmacists in the flic en flac area I could contact before we arrive.

We are from the UK and the NHS will only provide 3 months of medication at a time so I will need to buy a specific drug whilst I'm out there. I would like to contact someone directly to check availability and costs etc.

Thanks in Advance

In the Cascavelle Shopping Village (Shopping Mall just above Flic en Flac) is a MedActiv Pharmacy.
Just check Google for their address.

More than pharmacists, I would recommend you contact the importers and distributors themselves for more relevant information regarding medications.

The biggest distributors in Mauritius are Unicorn MSJ Ltd, Scott & Co Ltd, Socimed Ltd and IBL Healthcare. You will find their contacts online.

Thanks so much. I'll try that.

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